CORE Weight Loss Program

Embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you in 2024.

Making Weight Loss a Reality

CORE Weight Loss Program is a Comprehensive and Optimized Regimen for Enhanced Weight Loss.

Our goal? To help you achieve more than just a slimmer figure, but also an optimized internal environment.

Join a weight loss program developed with you in mind, focusing on 5 core pillars of weight management.

An overloaded liver can hinder weight loss and lead to health complications.


Poor insulin sensitivity can lead to weight gain and type 2 diabetes.


A balanced microbiome aids in digestion, nutrient absorption, and even influences our weight.


Reducing inflammation not only promotes weight loss but also supports overall health.


A well balanced metabolism can aid in weight loss and provide more energy.

Take the first step towards a healthier you

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Unlock the key to success...

With a unique, comprehensive plan...

At The Dearing Clinic, our integrated approach sets us apart. With experts in diverse disciplines, from advanced medical services to specialized exercises and chiropractic care, we empower you on your wellness journey.

CORE Weight Loss Program is centered on evidence-based practices, designed with you in mind. Here's a glimpse of our offerings:

  • Boost energy with daily oxygen therapy sessions
  • Get simple wellness support with gut health supplements
  • Tailor your nutrition with personalized meal plans
  • Align your workouts with custom exercise plans
  • Receive monthly IV nutrient boosts
  • Energize metabolism with weekly metabolism injections
  • Stay on track with monthly check-ins
  • Explore advanced weight loss options like Semaglutide, and enhance your physique with body peptides.
  • 1 complementary FIT3D assessment a month which includes 3D avatars, circumference measurements, body composition, posture analysis, BMR, balance, and more.
  • PLUS More...

Experience the difference with The Dearing Clinic – where your well-being is our top priority.